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California, US

Map: Arctic air will pour into much of the US West during the first week of the new year - AccuWeather

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North Korea nuclear program

Kim Jong-un also warns North Korea will boost its military unless US ends war games on Korean Peninsula. - @W7VOA

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2016 US elections

President-elect Trump: Hacking of US Democrats during campaign could have been 'somebody else' other than Russia; 'I know things that other people don't know' - Reuters

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Istanbul nightclub attack

White House condemns 'horrific' Istanbul attack, 'savagery' of gunmen - AFP

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President-elect Trump, asked whether he would meet with the president of Taiwan if she travels to the US, says 'we'll see' - Reuters

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Istanbul nightclub attack

White House: President Obama directed staff to offer 'appropriate assistance' to Turkey after Istanbul nightclub attack - Reuters

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Istanbul nightclub attack

State Department urges US citizens in Istanbul to avoid area of nightclub attack and to contact family members - @TravelGov

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LGBT rights

Texas judge grants injunction halting Obama administration transgender health protections - AP

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Syrian Civil War

U.S. deputy ambassador Michele Sison says the Obama administration strongly supports a nationwide cease-fire in Syria, regrets details of agreement brokered by Russia and Turkey have not yet been made public - AP

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he is ready to work with US President-elect Donald Trump on two-state solution to conflict with Israel - AP

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Photo: US President-elect Donald Trump poses for photograph with man at Jupiter, Florida, golf club after leaving press pool behind - @drekaplan

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US President-elect Donald Trump leaves press pool behind to play round of golf in Jupiter, Florida - AP, The Hill

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Plane reported missing over Lake Erie, Dec. 29, 2016

US Coast Guard suspends search for surviving passengers of plane that crashed into Lake Erie after taking off from Cleveland with 6 on board - NBC News

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United States

President-elect Trump tweets 'Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. Love!'

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Report: Russian hackers penetrated US electricity grid through a utility in Vermont; did not actively use code to disrupt, intentions unclear, US officials tell Washington Post

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United States

US stocks falter in year's last session; Dow drops about 57, ending 2016 at 19,762 - CNBC

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2016 US elections

Editor's note: President-elect Donald Trump's tweet praising Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to not respond to new U.S. sanctions comes a day after he said it was time for the U.S. to "move on to bigger and better things." On Thursday, the Obama administration announced measures against Russia in response to cyberattacks during the presidential election. Putin responded by condemning the sanctions but said Russia will not retaliate. U.S. federal intelligence agencies have reported Russia was behind the wave of cyberattacks that shook up the presidential election, Politico notes, but some members of Trump's team have said the media and the Democratic Party's discussions of the attacks are efforts to delegitimize his incoming administration. Trump has said he would meet with intelligence officials next week "in order to be updated on the facts of this situation." - Stephanie

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United States

US oil futures end slightly lower, but record first annual rise since 2013 - MarketWatch

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2016 US elections

President-elect Trump responds to Russian President Putin saying he won't expel US diplomats; says 'Great move on delay ... I always knew he was very smart'

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Philadelphia, PA, US

Philadelphia Zoo euthanizes Zenda, a 25-year-old lion believed to be oldest in US - AP

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